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Killian the Water Elf Empty Killian the Water Elf

Post by Nara-pyon on Sat Oct 31, 2015 12:44 pm

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Name: Killian
Race: Water Elf
Sex: Male
Born: 92 of the Fourth Age
Appearance: Pale blue-green skin. Ocean-blue hair and eyes. Impossibly smooth skin. Very slim. Tattoo representing water beneath left eye. Prefers animal skins for clothing (esp. shark skin). Very tall. Usually looks like he's got something to prove.
Personality: A bit cocky, rebellious. Overall mostly friendly, but rather proud - full of himself, a bit conceited. Very much a risk-taker.
History: Oldest of three sons. From childhood, never wanted to return to live underwater. Though a skilled swimmer, he also honed and continues to hone his skills on land as well. Very much a risk-taker, he terrifies his parents siblings and fellow citizens with his antics. From hunting sharks to climbing cliffs and waterfalls, there's almost nothing Killian won't try - especially if he's dared. Overall, very bored with life under the water and just looking for a chance to get away.

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