The Continent of Arkandia

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Post by Nara-pyon on Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:56 am


Race: Water Elves
Language: Water Elvish
Climate: Underwater. Cool to cold temperatures; moderate sunlight in areas closer to the surface; near complete darkness in the deepest depths.
Politics: Empire. Kilemtor is the main country/city but they also rule over Eausin and Eaulir.
Capital: It is the capital.
International Relations: Full relations with Eaulir and Eausin, which are the on-land extensions of the country; most other people aren't aware of Kilemtor's existence.
Society: Entirely adults, as Water Elven children have not yet gained the ability to breathe underwater. As such it is a mature environment. And since only members of their own race are able to be there, they have no trouble with outsiders and are therefore at complete peace.
Size: Undefined.
Terrain: Underwater, anywhere from close to the surface to the deepest depths. Plains, reefs, valleys, mountains - they have it all.
Unique Flora: Seaweed, kelp, and other underwater plants.
Unique Fauna: All manner of sea life.
Resources: Anything the ocean can give to them.

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