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Name: Mailon (chief killer)
Race: White Elf (Pureblood)
Homeland: Jielam
Gender: Male
Born: 25 950; 28 858
Height: 6’8”
Weight: 80 lbs.
Build: Extremely muscular
Predominant Features: Always carrying a massive arsenal of weapons
Abilities: As a white elf, Mailon is immune to the cold and has the ability to summon ice
Appearance: Mailon has white hair and skin and pale grey eyes. He wears a full suit of leather – tunic, pants, boots and gloves – and a forest green cloak, its neck lined with fur. He often wears a scarf over his lower face to hide his identity, as his own people would execute him for what he does, and other nations would shun him for what he is.
History: Mailon is currently living his second life. In his first life, he was born in Jielam and like all his people was trained as a child in the use of a variety of weapons. He found that he liked it and went on to study the martial arts with every possible weapon he could find. He gained a reputation as being violent and hot-tempered ladies’ man, and lived outside of the capital city of Jielam on his own. When he was a little over two thousand years old, a group of dark elves brought him a half-elven, half-human girl and asked him to train her in the use of weapons. He trained her for three years, but abused her badly, and at her first opportunity she killed him.

In his second life, Mailon was again born in Jielam, though to a different family and in a different town. Again, as a child, he was taught how to fight. He was a natural at it, correcting his trainer’s grips and techniques, which infuriated his trainer so much that he refused to train Mailon anymore. Mailon took the decision personally and challenged his trainer to a duel. His trainer accepted, lost, and was killed, and Mailon, young though he was, was given the position of the new trainer for the town where he lived. It was the most respected position in White Elven society, and he gained a lot of prestige. Outside of his training, he was a kind and gentle person – at least to his fellow White Elves. But when one day an earth elven messenger arrived from neighbouring Wolsic, he stood by and watched uncaringly as the man was beaten in the street and robbed of all he had.

Another decade passed, and after having risen in rank again to position of the town’s leader’s counselor (only because he didn’t want to be the leader, as he would become too much of a target since the leader was the man who forced his way into the position) he was sent on a mission to bring a message to Kelibrae, a land populated by humans. There, it was his turn to be beaten and robbed, and he, like the earth elf in Jielam, was denied medical treatment. On the long trip back home, he had a lot of time to reflect on the treatment of people who went to different countries and the reason for it, and after healing up he decided to leave his position and travel the lands, preventing what had happened to him from happening to anyone else.

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